Kimberly Watson-Hemphill

President, Firefly Consulting, Austin, TX, USA

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill is the President of Firefly Consulting, a firm specializing in Innovation and Operational Excellence. She was previously a Vice President of George Group Consulting and a Partner with Accenture.

Kimberly has led multiple programs in Lean Six Sigma and Design for Lean Six Sigma with Fortune 500 companies, including a global deployment that generated over $1B in savings. Her previous book, Fast Innovation, hit Business Week’s Top 10 Business booklist. Her most recent book, Innovating Lean Six Sigma, was released by McGraw-Hill in early 2016. Kimberly is a certified Master Black Belt.


Panel Discussion - Advanced Analytics & Lean Six Sigma

Facilitator: Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, President, Firefly Consulting

Panel Members:

Kristine Bradley, Principal, Firefly Consulting

Don Johnston, VP, Roxtar Consulting

Mark Cichonski, President, Silver Fox Data

Michael George, Jr., President, Inc.

Perhaps you have noticed that analytical topics have begun to seep into the lean six sigma and continuous improvement space? While many lean six sigma practitioners have used a variety of statistical tools for some time as part of the DMAIC process, there has been a “melding” of data science and analytics with continuous improvement. While data is a currency in both practices, there are places where additional tools and methods can be brought to bear to help organizations improve their performance. Things like machine learning, data visualization and exploratory data analysis can supplement your CI toolkit. If you are a “belt”, you will learn how to find and use some of these tools. If you are an analyst or data scientist, you will learn how to use your knowledge to improve your organization. Come listen to our panel of experts talk about how to apply these techniques for the benefit of your and your organization!"

Innovation Tips & Tricks

Why are some organizations more innovative than others? Why do some projects generate breakthrough ideas while others are lukewarm? Is it too much or too little process? Is it the tools? Is it the culture? Are some people just more creative than others? You may have seen the often-quoted statistic that 94% of business leaders are dissatisfied with their firm’s innovation performance. How can we do better in our area of influence?This presentation will include mini-case studies from multiple industries on what has and hasn’t worked in the innovation space, based on the presenter’s 20+ years of experience. We will cover success stories in continuous improvement, process design, and new product development with tips and tricks for wherever you may be on your innovation journey. It will also include a fun and interactive exercise that you can use with your teams.


Government Organizations


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