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People - Key to Quality Management Principles

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Keywords: People, Quality, Management, Principles, Success

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People – Key to the Quality Management Principles In some organizations or companies, quality management starts with enthusiasm – or angst, then after some storming and norming, settles into a rhythm. This rhythm often deteriorates to drudgery. 

During this presentation, I will show you how to leverage the seven quality management principles to inspire people for success.

We will look at Quality Management Principle 1 – Customer Focus and how people can drive success, business, and continuous improvement through their understanding and engagement in the customer focus.

Understanding Quality Management Principle 2 – Leadership will address the importance of leaders to corporate or organizational: direction, buy-in, technology, employees, training, and culture.

Leveraging Quality Management Principle 3 – Engagement of People will focus on the internal team who is trained and engaged to drive success.

Building and maintaining a QMS using Quality Management Principle 4 – Process Approach requires knowledgeable people to document the processes. Then measure them to make corrections, and to continually drive improvement.

We will discuss how Quality Management Principle 5 – Improvement is only possible with a trained, engaged, committed workforce. People audit processes and workflows in order to identify areas for improvement. The organization leverages the results of continuous improvement to demonstrate its success.

People will learn through Quality Management Principle 6 – Evidence-based decision making how to leverage data for decision making. Often employees have ideas and suggestions for change. Leaders can help them understand how evidence-based decision-making will help them support their desire for change through data.

The Quality Management Principle 7 – Relationship Management is critical to our business. We will identify how leaders help employees understand the value of supplier

relationships, and how to grow and nurture them. Our people need to understand their role in these principles and the potential impact they bring on corporate or organizational success.


Deborah A. Barnes

Chief Systems Engineer, SAIC, Silver Spiring, MD, USA

Ms. Deborah A. Barnes has over 25 years experience in quality management, program management, system engineering, organizational change management, and business process engineering. 

She is a 24+ year United States Air Force veteran, who has also worked with numerous government agencies, private sector fortune 500, and small businesses, as well as non-profit, and not-for-profit organizations. Deb is a previous Principal Speaker ISO 9000 & Audits World Conference and has certifications as/in: ISO Lead Auditor, ISO Quality Management Representative, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma, USAF Quality Certified, USAF Quality Instructor, USAF Quality Curriculum & Course Developer, Baldridge Award Examiner, and Earned Value Management (EVM).

She is presently a Chief System Engineer / System Engineering & Software System Coach. Deb is coaching organizations; senior leaders, middle-level managers, Systems Engineers, and software & hardware development teams to deliver software systems based on the customer’s process improvement framework. At the team level, she works with developers, engineers, and testers using agile methods to continuously improve their planning, processes, and measurement to meet their customers’ needs. At the organizational level, she works with managers and seniors to refine common planning, processes, and impact analysis to best utilize resources and make decisions in support of critical mission customers. Deb pioneered the Organizational Coaching approach and teamed coaching within the customer to deliver efficiency, effectiveness, and cohesion within and across organizations to deliver excellence in a high-demand, rapidly changing environment.

At the Major System Acquisition (MSA) Program level, work with Mission System Engineers, Acquisition Program Managers, and Mission Capabilities Technical Advocates to enhance communication, collaboration, and problem resolution to enable sound planning, execution, and deployment of mission-critical systems. Led a customer team to provide agile, practical coaching across multiple organizational and affiliation boundaries to foster full integration among all components and processes necessary for program success.

Notably, Deb was the Lead auditor for the Office of Targeting & Transnational Issue (PR), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). She led PR to ISO 9001-2008 certification and established its Quality Management System (QMS).


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