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Process Intelligence (PQ): The Key to Building High Functioning LEADERS

Industry: Education/Training

Keywords: Leadership; High Functioning Teams; Process Intelligence

Level: Intermediate


Leadership development is a well-known practice, but the challenges of the past few years have brought unprecedented strains on leaders and organizations. As leadership fatigue reaches new heights and the "Great Resignation" becomes a reality, it's clear that the leaders of tomorrow need more than just IQ and EQ. This session will delve into the concept of Process Intelligence (PQ) as the secret to building and sustaining "High Functioning Leaders."

PQ is the key element that enables leaders to embrace and sustain change, inspire accountability, and leave a lasting legacy. This engaging educational session will explore the concept of Process Intelligence (PQ) as the secret to building and sustaining "High Functioning Leaders." PQ is the essential element that enables leaders to navigate change, inspire accountability, and leave a lasting legacy.

This session will delve into key questions that organizations across industries are grappling with: Is your organization experiencing leadership fatigue? Shedding light on the signs, causes, and strategies to combat leadership fatigue, ensuring leaders can perform at their best and drive organizational success.

Does your current Leadership Development program focus solely on IQ and EQ? Discover why incorporating PQ into leadership development is crucial for addressing the unique challenges of today's business environment. Gain actionable insights to integrate PQ into your leadership programs effectively. Are your emerging leaders aware of their potential and being retained? Learn how PQ can empower emerging leaders by unlocking their true potential, increasing their engagement, and creating a clear career path. Explore strategies to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Practical strategies, real-life examples, and case studies will illustrate the transformative power of PQ. By the end of this session, you will take away three key insights: The importance of integrating PQ into leadership development, understand why PQ is the missing piece in traditional leadership training and how it can elevate leaders' ability to navigate change, inspire accountability, and drive sustainable growth. Practical strategies to cultivate a sustainable leadership culture: Gain actionable strategies and best practices for creating a leadership culture grounded in clarity, connectivity, and consistency.

Learn how to empower emerging leaders to thrive and make a lasting impact on your organization. The transformative impact of PQ on personal and organizational success: Discover how embracing PQ can unlock your true leadership potential, increase your resilience, and create a positive ripple effect throughout your organization.


Scott Favreau

Business Process Consultant, Competitive Solutions, Inc., Alpharetta, GA, USA

As a Senior Business Process Consultant at Competitive Solutions, Inc. Scott has a strong background in driving Operational Excellence with over 19 years of diverse experience in the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industry. A passionate and motivational speaker, Scott facilitates training sessions with employees across all levels of organizations and assists them in driving to high levels of sustainable performance. Scott is an expert in Team Effectiveness/Engagement and believes that the recipe for success involves connecting all colleagues to the business and driving to the true spirit of continuous improvement.

Scott is a proven Operational Leader, with broad and diverse experiences in Department Management, Capital Project Management, Project & Portfolio Management, Strategy Deployment, Business Performance Management, and Operational Excellence. His vast experience and “Keep it Simple” approach allows him to deliver dynamic presentations and facilitation with practical application.

Scott’s competitive advantage is his “Real World/Boots on the Ground" knowledge combined with his ability to connect with people and teams at any level to understand their needs and help them achieve great results. Organizations Scott has worked with recently include Alcon, American Axle and Manufacturing, Biogen, BioMarin, Juno Therapeutics, Nutrien, Rockline Industries, Tobyhanna Army Depot, and 3M.


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