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The World’s Leading Conference on Lean Six Sigma Methodologies


Agile Integration: LSS Methodologies for Lasting Excellence

Industry: Energy/Oil & Gas

Keywords: Agile, Excellence, LSS

Level: Intermediate


In this dynamic presentation, participants will gain valuable insights into unlocking organizational excellence by leveraging the power of Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile methodologies. The session aims to equip professionals with the tools and knowledge to elevate their contributions beyond daily problem-solving, fostering lasting and impactful outcomes in their organizations. The message is of paramount importance for participants as it addresses the evolving landscape of the global business context. By incorporating Agile strategies into Lean and Six Sigma, organizations can foster a culture of continuous improvement, adapt to changing market dynamics, and respond effectively to customer needs. This integration empowers professionals to go beyond traditional problem-solving and become catalysts for lasting, transformative change in their organizations.

Structure of the Session for Value Delivery:

1. Introduction to Agile Integration: Provide an overview of Agile principles and their synergies with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Highlight the benefits of incorporating Agile strategies for enhanced adaptability and customer-centricity.

2. The Power of Combining Methodologies: Showcase real-world case studies of organizations that have successfully integrated Agile, Lean, and Six Sigma. Demonstrate the positive outcomes achieved, including increased efficiency, reduced waste, and improved customer satisfaction.

3. Agile Tools for Lean and Six Sigma: Introduce specific Agile tools and techniques that complement Lean and Six Sigma practices. Showcase how these tools enhance problem-solving, decision-making, and project execution.

4. Cultivating an Agile Mindset: Discuss the importance of an Agile mindset in driving organizational excellence. Offer strategies to foster a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability.

Interactive Discussions and Activities: Participants will have multiple opportunities to interact during the session. Interactive discussions and Q&A sessions discuss challenges and best practices. By embracing Agile integration, participants will be equipped to lead their organizations towards lasting organizational excellence. The session will provide actionable insights and strategies to elevate problem-solving, adaptability, and customer-centricity through the seamless combination of Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile methodologies.


Abbigail Meah-Ali

Manager, Construction Services, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago

Abbigail Meah-Ali is an experienced project manager as well as trainer and consultant, with over two decades of experience in a diverse range of subjects. With a passion for helping organizations improve their processes and systems, she has built a reputation as a trusted advisor and expert in management systems, project management, six sigma and auditing, providing strategic guidance and hands-on support to clients across a range of industries.

As a trainer, Abbigail Meah-Ali has designed and delivered training programs on a wide range of management systems, including ISO 9001 (QMS), ISO 14001 (EMS), ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems), ISO 45001 (OH&S), ISO (LMS) Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis and Project Management. She has a talent for breaking down complex concepts and making them easily understandable for participants.

Her training sessions are highly interactive and engaging, allowing participants to apply what they have learned in real-life scenarios. Abbigail Meah-Ali's has a bachelor's degree, master's in business administration and a number of internationally recognized professional certifications and licenses including ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification. She is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a Chartered Quality Professional (MCQI CQP) with the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), London, Professional Education and Certification Board (PECB) Certified Trainer and ASQ ConnEx Authorized Expert.


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