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Leveraging Lean Six Sigma and Technology Integration for Self-Funding Projects

Industry: All Industries

Keywords: Lean Six Sigma; Automation; AI; Digital Twins; IoT; Self-funding Projects

Level: Basic


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the convergence of Lean Six Sigma methodologies with cutting-edge technology has emerged as a powerful force for driving efficiencies, cost savings, and revenue growth.

This session delves into the realm of empowered automation, showcasing how a fully digitized manufacturing supply chain can fortify organizations against internal and external disruptions. We unlock the potential for quantitatively accelerated decision-making and strategic pursuit of new revenue streams by overlaying AI-driven insights onto streamlined systems and interconnected devices.

Session Overview:

1. Empowered Automation in Lean Six Sigma: Explore the transformative potential of empowered automation in Lean Six Sigma, highlighting its role as a cornerstone for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

2. Integrating Technologies: Dive into case studies and real-world examples of companies successfully integrating hyper-automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Twins to achieve unprecedented operational efficiency.

3. Cost-Efficiency and Self-Funding Projects: Address the common concern of cost barriers and demonstrate how the synergy between Lean Six Sigma and technology solutions drives cost savings and generates a pipeline of self-funding digital transformation projects.

4. Practical Next Steps for Implementation: Provide actionable insights and step-by-step guidance for attendees to initiate their Lean Six Sigma and technology integration journey, ensuring they can harness its full potential within their organizational contexts.

Key Takeaways: Gain a deep understanding of how Lean Six Sigma and technology integration can empower your organization to achieve operational excellence. Learn how to create a roadmap for implementing empowered automation within your manufacturing supply chain. Discover strategies to self-fund digital transformation projects through cost efficiencies and revenue growth.


Lauren A. Hisey

Founder, Master Black Belt, Trainer, Consultant, Lauren Hisey Consulting, Holly Springs, GA, USA

Lauren Hisey is a seasoned Lean Six Sigma professional dedicated to helping students and organizations learn Continuous Improvement. Unlike traditional consultants and trainers, Lauren brings a unique approach to problem-solving, using her calming influence and open dialogue to provide an environment for learning and transformative change.

With over 14 years of hands-on experience as a Lean Six Sigma expert, Lauren has made a significant impact as a coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker, collaborating with businesses of all sizes, universities, podcasts, and diverse networking associations. Her passion lies in Continuous Improvement, and she excels at demonstrating how these principles can be effectively integrated into various business contexts. Lauren has delivered remarkable results throughout her career, generating over $200 million in cost savings and revenue growth for renowned companies like AT&T, Nielsen, Walmart, financial institutions, educational institutions, supply chains, and non-profit organizations. She has taught over 120 Lean Six Sigma Students. She specializes in providing fresh perspectives that enable individuals to learn and apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Lauren's expertise spans multiple facets of the corporate world, including Training, TA/HR, Sales, Operations, Product Leadership, Delivery, Call Centers, Finance, Procurement, Customer Service, and Technology. She is committed to leveraging her problem-solving skills to help individuals and organizations succeed. In addition to her extensive professional achievements, Lauren holds Lean Six Sigma (MBB) and Project Management certifications.

She earned a Master of Business Administration from St. Leo University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from the University of South Florida. Lauren's commitment to community engagement is evident through her involvement with organizations such as Dress for Success, Kettering Executive Network, Women-in-Lean, North Metro Miracle League, University of North Georgia, University of South Florida Corporate Mentor Program, and Toast Masters. Her dedication to both professional and personal growth continues to make her a valuable asset in the world of Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement.


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