The Leading Conference on Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement

March 29-30, 2017
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center Nashville, TN, USA

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Lean & Six Sigma World Conference - Announcing the Opening Keynote, A Living Hero, an American Patriot, Space Pioneer, and One of the Bravest Explorers of All Time, Dr. Buzz Aldrin

As the organizers of the Lean & Six Sigma World Conference, we pride ourselves in bringing together the best experts and practitioners from around the world. There is a very simple reason for this — Lean & Six Sigma (LSS) is defined by its real-world, practical application; thus, making its practitioners the best teachers. There are companies all over the world, of all sizes, that are using a “Lean way of thinking” without even knowing or naming it. 

The Apollo 11 mission to land the first two humans on the moon, one of which was Dr. Buzz Aldrin, provides a most beautiful example of applying the principles of LSS. “Lean” because it required a minimalistic approach to the process, and “Six Sigma” because it required maximum precision of the target for landing. This conference is a place where “Lean-minded” companies can come together, share insights, and advance the broader application. Hope you can join us!
Sermin Vanderbilt, Ph.D.
President, American Quality Institute

There have been few efforts in the history humankind that have tested our willpower, bravery, and technological capability as thoroughly as our landing on the moon. In that endeavor, and in all future endeavors to explore beyond our planet, ingenuity, quality, and efficiency will be paramount. The organizers of the Lean & Six Sigma World Conference believe strongly in the benefit of pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and are very proud to announce that national hero, moonwalker, MIT Engineer, and space exploration advocate Dr. Buzz Aldrin will be joining us for this year’s conference.

In his doctoral thesis at MIT, his dedication read, “In the hopes that this work may in some way contribute to their exploration of space, this is dedicated to the crew members of this country’s present and future manned space programs. If only I could join them in their exciting endeavors!" It is our goal to encourage the use of the best tools and methodologies available to tackle complexity and achieve real progress. We bring together experts and practitioners not only to teach what has been defined, but to foster a community in which knowledge flows to where it is best utilized. In that way we hope to join you in your next exciting endeavor.



Shooting for the Moon With Lean & Six Sigma

8:00 AM –

8:15 AM

Opening Remarks

Joel Smith, Chair, 2017 Lean & Six Sigma World Conference

8:15 AM –

9:10 AM

Session #LSS – 011
Opening Keynote - Reach for the Stars

Dr. Buzz Aldrin, A Living Hero, an American Patriot, Space Pioneer & One of the Bravest Explorers of All Time

9:10 AM –

9:45 AM


Session #LSS – 012
Driving Business Transformation with Rapid Continuous Improvement

Marty Ellen, CFO, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

9:45 AM –

10:15 AM

Refreshment Break


Lean & Six Sigma: Evolve or Go Extinct!

10:15 AM –

10:50 AM

Session #LSS – 021

Six Sigma and Wine, a Perfect Pairing!

Kaj Ahlmann, Managing Director and Chairman of the Global Advisory Council for Insurance at Deutsche Bank, and Owner Six Sigma Ranch and Winery

10:50 AM –

11:25 AM

Session #LSS – 022

Enhancing Leadership Support for Your Lean & Six Sigma Deployment

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, President, Firefly Consulting

11:25 AM –

1200 AM

Session #LSS – 023

Executive Panel Discussion - Successful Business Transformation Using Lean Six Sigma

Marty Ellen, CFO, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Will McDade, CFO, Interstate Battery

Jim Duensing, CFO, Caterpillar Financial

12:00 PM –

1:00 PM

Networking Luncheon




Leadership Engagement as a Cornerstone for Lean & Six Sigma Success

“V” is for Value Added in 
Lean & Six Sigma

Avoid the Pot Holes on the Way to Operational Excellence

1:00 PM –

1:35 PM

Session #LSS – 031

Leadership for Lean Six Sigma

Alessandro Laureani, Head of Global Operations and Processes, Google
Jiju Antony

Session #LSS – 041

Conversations with Your Customers to Improve Your Organizational Knowledge Management

Cynthia Young, DBA, PMP, MBB, Knowledge Manager, McKean Defense

Session #LSS – 051

Game Changing Quality Strategies for Organizational Excellence

Kush Shah, Senior Manager, Operational Excellence, General Motors Corporation

1:35 PM –

2:10 PM

Session #LSS – 032

Selling Quality and Service to the CFO Based on Revenue and Word of Mouth Impact

John Goodman, Vice Chairman, CCMC

Session #LSS – 042

Yes, There Are Projects Beyond Making the Perfect Crayola Crayon & Marker

Richard John Titus, Jr., Adjunct Faculty, MBB and Principal, Lehigh University and Titus Consulting

Session #LSS – 052

Creating a Journey to World Class Performance, Utilizing Operational Excellence

Korey Zawadzki, Partner, Competitive Solutions, Inc.

2:10 PM –

2:45 PM

Session #LSS – 033

Embedding Continuous Improvement Across Customer Facing Processes

Doug Drolett, Americas Continuous Improvement Leader Shell,

Session #LSS – 043

Too Lean? Too Much Focus on Value-Added Processes Creates Non-Value Added Conditions

Bob Doering, Quality Engineer, CorrectSPC

Session #LSS – 053

Preventing Six Sigma Failure Within Your Organization: Common Costly Six Sigma Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Lois A. Jordan, President and CEO, Transformation Technologies, Inc.

2:45 PM –

3:15 PM


Refreshment Break



Tying It All Together Using Lean

There are Lies, D@!&ed Lies, and Statistics!

X, Why, Triz, and Lean & Six Sigma

3:15 PM –

3:50 PM

Session #LSS – 061

Lean Pilots: An Innovative Framework for Solving Enterprise-Level Challenges

Mariya Breyter, Director of Agile and Lean Practices, Dun & Bradstreet

Co-Presenter: Misbah Chaudhry,  Sr. Lean Project Manager, Dun & Bradstreet

Session #LSS – 071

The Secret Foundations of Inference and Data Analysis

Donald J. Wheeler, Consulting Statistician, SPC Press

Session #LSS – 081

Using TRIZ Innovation Techniques in Transactional Settings

Rod Toro, Operational Excellence Deployment Leader, American Society for Quality

3:50 PM –

4:25 PM

Session #LSS – 062

Two Lean Management Systems, One That Improves Our Business, One That Saved My Life

Tom Raidna, MBB, LSS Training Manager, PNC

Session #LSS – 072

Developing a Taste for Interactions

K. K. Moore, Senior Master Black Belt, Shaw Industries Group

Session #LSS – 082

Crayola: Lean, Six Sigma, A3’s and DMAIC Co-existing like Paint and a Canvas

Alek Farkas, Distribution Center Manager, Crayola, LLC



Lean & Six Sigma Excellence Awards


4:25 PM –

5:00 PM


Session #LSS – 091
 Lean & Six Sigma Excellence Awards

Kimberly Watson-Hemphill, MBB, President, Firefly Consulting



Lean Coffee: LSS Community of Learning

5:00 PM –

5:45 PM


Session #LSS – 101

Lean Coffee: Lean & Six Sigma Community of Learning

Vera Polyakova, Senior Manager, Client Solutions, ThinkVera


7:00 PM –

8:00 PM


Reception with Exhibitors





Rounding Out Your Superhero Lean & Six Sigma Tool Belt

Have Your Cake and Lean It too

Putting the Care in Healthcare Using Lean & Six Sigma

8:00 AM –

8:40 AM

Session #LSS – 111

Slaying the Inventory Dragon with the Assistance of Analytics

Dean S. Williams, Manager, Measuring & Test Equipment, Duke Energy

Session #LSS – 121

From Chaos to Order Then Performance Excellence – Improving USPS Operating Performance

Bradley L. Golish, Ph.D., LSSMBB, United States Postal Service

Co-Speaker: Dennis Joseph Chakey, LSS MBB, G&B Solutions, Inc.

Session #LSS – 131

Using Lean Six Sigma and Virtual Discrete Event Simulation to Optimize Patient Placement

Tamar Kutz, Director, Ambulatory Performance Improvement, Memorial Health System 

8:40 AM –

9:15 AM

Session #LSS – 112

No ERP? No Problem! Replenishment
Pull Implementation

Keith Wyly, Sr. CI Manager, Interstate Batteries, ESAB, Xylem Inc.

Session #LSS – 122

Lean Six Sigma for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Jiju Antony, LSSMBB, Heriot-Watt University

Session #LSS – 132

Stuck in the Patient Referral Black Hole? Call Code Lean Six Sigma

Chandak B. Madhura, Executive Director - Clinical Integration, John Peter Smith Health Network

9:15 AM –

9:50 AM

Session #LSS – 113

Ten Critical Xs for a Successful Transactional Rapid Results Kaizen

Marilyn Monda, CEO, Monda Consulting LLC,

Session #LSS – 123

Waste Reduction in a Food Industry Using DMAIC - LSS Project

Rafael Wollmann, Consultant, Gemba, Curitiba

Session #LSS – 133

Ready, Set, Go? Using Lean Processes
to Prepare for Your New Facility’s First Patient Day

Barry Kowalsky, MAAA, Senior Principal, Stantec


9:50 AM –

10:15 AM


Refreshment Break



Herding Cats Using Lean & Six Sigma

Lean & Six Sigma for Media Mavens and Tech Heads

Lean & Six Sigma for the Health of It!

10:15 AM –

10:50 AM

Session #LSS – 141

Teams Gone Wild! Addressing
Dysfunction in Your Meetings!

Peg Drummond, CEO, Superteams

Session #LSS – 151

Social Media: Getting Yourself LinkedIn and Improving Your Personal Brand

Heather Rafferty, Marketing Director, Firefly Consulting

Session #LSS – 161

Obeya Strategy and Experience at Carolinas HealthCare System

Michael E. Johnston, Vice President, Carolinas HealthCare System

10:50 AM –

11:25 AM

Session #LSS – 142

Silo Mentality Getting You Down? Then “The Awareness Method” May Be
Just What You Need!

Diane Karch, Lean Consultant, Recaro Aircraft Seating

Session #LSS – 152

Build an Engaging and Rewarding
Social Media Practice

Vera Polyakova, Senior Manager, Client Solutions, ThinkVera

Session #LSS – 162

Specific Lean & Six Sigma Tools That Take You from Volume to Value in Healthcare

David Kashmer, Chair of Surgery, The Surgical Lab, LLC

11:25 AM –

12:00 PM

Session #LSS – 143

The Joy of Lean: Transforming, Leading, and Sustaining a Culture of Engaged
Team Performance

Dodd Starbird, Managing Partner, Implementation Partners LLC

Session #LSS – 153

How Technology Affects Lean Six Sigma
 in the 21st Century

Jim Duarte, Sr. Data Scientist, SAS Institute

Session #LSS – 163

Leading High Reliability Healthcare Organizations

Richard Paul Morrow, President, RPMExec

12:00 PM –

1:00 PM


Networking Luncheon






Show Me the Money - Applying Lean & Six Sigma in Finance

Do You Have the Right Stuff for Success with Lean & Six Sigma?

Making Lean & Six Sigma Deployment Work for You

1:00 PM –

1:35 PM

Session #LSS – 171

Applying Lean & Six Sigma to Day-to-Day Processes in a Financial World

Randy Boyd, Manager Process Excellence, University Federal Credit Union

Session #LSS – 181

Google SUV Robotics

Charles Chen, Master Black Belt, Morrill Learning Center

Co-Speaker: Mason Chen

Session #LSS – 191

SQDPG - Examples of Non-Manufacturing Deployment Across the Enterprise

Ken Feldman, Ph.D., Senior Director, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

1:35 PM –

2:10 PM

Session #LSS – 172

Grow Sales Long Term Through Rapid Continuous Improvement

Garrett Parke, Rapid Continuous Improvement Manager, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Session #LSS – 182

Who's on the Bus - How to Effectively Select Candidates for Lean & Six Sigma Initiatives

Ian Rodney Lazarus, President and CEO, Creato Performance Solutions

Session #LSS – 192

Lean & Six Sigma Deployment at a
Utility Organization

Satya Kudapa, Business Consultant, TMAC

2:10 PM –

2:45 PM

Session #LSS – 173

LSS Awards Panel Discussion

Track Chair: Kimberly Watson-Hemphil

Coordinator: Joel Smith

Session #LSS – 183

Making Lean & Six Sigma Belt Candidates Successful

Amy Sarah Al-Sahsah, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Greene, Tweed and Company

Session #LSS – 193

Lean Sigma Global Olympics – A Gamification Approach to Lean
Sigma Deployment

Thomas Jay Van Eimeren, LSBB, Lean Sigma Continuous Improvement Leader, Arrow Electronics

2:45 PM –

3:15 PM


Refreshment Break



Aligning Lean & Six Sigma Strategy with Daily Management

How to Fix the Government with Lean & Six Sigma!

Lean & Six Sigma in Life: Chocolate and Cravings

3:15 PM –

3:50 PM

Session #LSS – 201

Putting Your Foot Down- Courageous Strategy Deployment

Chad Smith, CMBB and Owner, Continuous Improvement Solutions, LLC

Session #LSS – 211

Agile and Lean Six Sigma – An Advantageous Integration

Alka Bhave, Sr. Director, Quality Management, Vencore, Inc.

Session #LSS – 221

Predicting College Kids' Cravings
Amid Special Causes

Michelle Paret, Product Marketing Manager, Minitab, Inc.

3:50 PM –

4:25 PM

Session #LSS – 202

Linking Top to Bottom: Using Hoshin Planning for Strategy Development

Kristine Nissen Bradley, Principal, Firefly Consulting

Session #LSS – 212

Key Aspects for a Successful Lean & Six Sigma Deployment at the City of El Paso

Diana Luisa Martinez, Business Consultant, TMAC

Co-Speaker: Nancy Bartlett, President, The Bartlett Alliance, Inc., TMAC

Session #LSS – 222

From Inclusiveness to Buy-In:  A Lean Six Sigma Project Experience

Ann Nguyen, LSSBB Lexmark International, Inc. 

Co-Speaker: Michelle Binder

4:25 PM –

5:00 PM

Session #LSS – 203

Cascading Strategic Objectives to Prioritize and Align Continuous Improvement Projects

Rod Baxter, Principal, Value Generation Partners

Session #LSS – 213

Capacity Planning: It’s Not Just for Manufacturing


Don Johnston, CEO & President, CAS Adaptive Solutions

Co-Speaker: Bonnie Stone, Minitab, Inc.

Session #LSS – 223

For the Love of Chocolate!

J. R. McGee, CEO and Managing Partner X-Stream Leadership Group
Co-Speaker: David Glover



5:05 PM –

5:10 PM


Closing Remarks

Joel Smith, Chair, 2017 Lean & Six Sigma World Conference




LSS Yellow Belt Certification Workshop

8:00 AM –

4:00 PM

Don Johnston, LSS Master Black Belt, CEO, CAS Adaptive Solutions and
Bonnie Stone, LSS Master Black Belt, Minitab, Inc.

What Makes This Conference a Cut Above the Rest?

Hundreds of Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, and Yellow Belts come together each spring to network, learn from the most experienced practitioners in Lean Six Sigma, and exchange ideas.  The American Quality Institute (AQI) will once again host the Lean & Six Sigma World Conference in 2017, building on the success of the highly acclaimed 2016 event. 

Internationally recognized speakers will address the crowd at this leading event for process improvement professionals.  With multiple keynotes, 50+ breakout sessions, expanded sessions and pre- and post-conference activities, the 2017 event aims to be the most valuable and comprehensive Lean & Six Sigma conference yet again.

The conference attracts international and national experts on topics including innovation, process improvement, and value creation.  The 2017 Lean & Six Sigma World Conference attracts representatives from all government, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to share experiences.

Lean Six Sigma World Excellence Awards

Once again, the Lean and Six Sigma World Conference will be awarding “Deployment of the Year”, “Project of the Year”, and “Innovation of the Year” Awards at the 2017 conference. We want to hear from you about why your team should win! See details and Apply.

Reasons to Attend 

  • BEST Technical Program With 60+ Presenters
  • BEST Keynote speakers
  • BEST Networking event
  • EXCLUSIVE Information on the recent developments in Lean & Six Sigma Standards
  • NETWORKING Meetings specifically for Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts, Lean & Six Sigma Executives, Consultants, and Trainers
  • ORGANIZED by Master Black Belts, Black Belts, and Lean & Six Sigma Leaders

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